Together for better Day 3 friday

We went back early morning to the first school we went to outside Veron with the car filled up with things for the kids

That is the same area as the three orphans, Stephanie , Kaily and Juan Carlos lives.


We saw Juan Carlos on his way to school when we arrived. Our photographer Helena walked up to him and he smiled. 

We came back today because Ebba just received some more donations from friends in the area. It was money for the kids so they could get some food, she got bed sheets and three bikes for the orphans siblings. 

We just had a couple of hours to be with the kids and take pictures and do some filming since Helena, one of the photographers were going to Haiti.

While Juan Carlos and the other kids went in to school Ebba walked to the local ”supermarket”  cross the street. She had made an agreement with the teacher that she will pay for breakfast for the kids every morning for the money that was donated . It will give them breakfast everyday in 6 months. 

It is such a good idea I think that Ebba buy food at the locals suoermarket with the money that was donated for the kids breakfast. Then it also goes to the locals business and that is a help in itself.

While we were waiting for Ebba this little cute girl comes up and want us to take pictures of her. She smiled and made poses. 

Then she went for a flower and she gave it to Ashley. 

Then she took it back and gave it to Helena…
And then she took it back again and walked up to me and gave me the flower. In that way she manage to give us all a flower with only on one flower in her hand. So beautiful! 

When the kids had a break in school We brought Juan Carlos back to his siblings.

We had some more stuff for them. More clothing that they so generously shared. If it didn’t fit one boy he was making sure his brother could wear it.

And the smile of their faces when Ebba gave them the bike was a smile that went straight into our hearts. 

Everyone wanted to try and the kids helped each other up and away, and ran next to the one biking so they wouldn’t fall.

The way these kids chared the things they got was so beautiful. To be selfish was something that didn’t exist. Don’t even think they know what that is.  And of course they should not, but to see children that have nothing and expect nothing, then they are thankful and happy in another way then we see at home.

We said good bye to some smiling faces. Little do they know we are coming back on Monday. ☺️ ( we have received some more donations that Ebba will fix during the weekend)

Back to school again a little boy got a new rug sac. 

And some boys received some sports equipment. The man in the picture will take care of the equipment. He use to do sports whith the kids, when he is not working as a fisherman.

I can’t say it enough. Ebba you have the biggest heart. You are so into doing the absolute best for the kids and school your foundation support. You make sure every dollar or pesos come to right place and you really really care. I’m so extremely impressed by your work but also extremely thankful to got the chance to know you. If there was more people in the work like you, the world would be much more beautiful.

Thank you for sharing those days with you.

And thank Ashley and Helene. Amazing woman with big hearts that really does what it takes to show the world through there pictures and films that we can make a different. Thank you!

Tomorrow we go back to school with the last couples of things Ebba has for the kids. Then it is expected a hurricane I 3 days. We are worried for what can happen with the small shelters the people lives in. And the schools. We do not know and can only keep our fingers crossed. 

I get back with an update from the last visit at the school and orphans before I get back home to my kids and family. 


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