Together for better day 2

Today we went to 3 different school. They were located in a not to safety area so we had a lot of people and security with us 

The first school was built out on a field. They are struggling a little bit to make it work but the woman running the school is working hard for the kids. 

We delivered some school equipment and people from Lions were helping us, and they were Also their for security.

This school have one classroom so sometimes they also have class under a tree outside the school to split ages.

Together for better built this school and also the swckns school we went to just 15 minutes away.

When we came to the other school, you can see to the left, we walked in from the side though the class already started. The little shelter to the right is where the teacher Isabelle lives. She sometimes sleep on the school floor to make sure no one breaks in to the school to steal school equipment. 

Ebba came here in 2013. The kids was sitting out in the sun on the back yard and Isabelle was teaching. Their school had collapsed. 

To see the happiness in Isabelle’s eyes is an unbelievable feeling. She cried of happiness when Ebba came and told her over and over again Ebba change her and the children’s life.

Isabelle’s husband support the family by selling ice cream and Isabelle takes care of all the kids without salary.

Today we arrived with school equipment. And now Ebba’s which is to be able to build a house/office for Isabelle next to school.

Hanging around the kids is so much love. Some of them smiling and playing but a lot of them in deep thougts and you do not know what they been through in life.

Before we left for the third school and last school for today there was a lot of hugging and smiling faces. 

The third school we came to is not a school TFB built but they support them with other things as equipment. They have 250 children and this year it was another 100 kids they couldn’t take in because the school is not big enough. 

We could hardly get in between chairs and tables. While sitting there a little boy came to pick up his bag and he had to crawl to get through.

They received a lot of equipment. They said it would last the whole year, even though we thought maybe 3 months. But they know how to not spoil the things they get.

At this school Together for Better built a playground for the children. Before they to played on the street. The donation came from Henrik Lundqvist foundation who also support TFB with all the school equipment we have handed out during 2 days.

The next plan is to hopefully receive donations so the school can build two extra class rooms to the left in the picture. That is one project Ebba is looking at as soon as she receives a donation.

Driving back home I was so emotional. So many kids in this colorful school smiling. And then I know there life is not easy in any way. But here the children are allowed to be children. 

I’m so greatful to see that help really reach the people that need it the most and how it changes their life’s. 

I’m extremely impressed by the work Ebba is doing. It is a small foundation but she really make sure to see the donations coming in is given to those who needs it the most. 

Then she have the biggest, warmest heart. She really cares about everyone.

So thank you Ebba for bringing me and thank you for doing so much for these children, teachers and families. You are making a better place for them in so any ways. 




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