Together for Better Day 1

I’m finally here, in Dominican Republic. Invited by my friend Ebba Lövenskiöld founder of Together for better TFB.

(Jag skriver det här inlägget på engelska då vi når även andra länder )

For three days we will be filming from the schools TFB has built. To see the work they have done, meet the kids and teachers, and also see what else we can do to make life better for the kids in the area.

The school we visit today is located close to the city Veron. It has to classrooms and a small office For the teacher.

It’s small kids from 4-5 years old up to 8-9. 

The teacher Johanna is a woman with a huge heart. She basically work there for free. Some of the kids family’s can’t afford to have kids in school but she brings them in anyhow and that is why she don’t have any salary. Kids first. 

Four years ago Juhanny found a little for year old girl, Emy,  on a field. She was naked and to older boys was there with her. She brought her home and it turned out that her mother had thrown her out on the street basically so she Emy and now she still living with her and she goes to school.

Ebba has become really close with them both (Emy and Ebba below) 

We had the opportunity to be with the kids in class. And it was amazing to see the discipline and also happiness in the classroom among the kids.

And to see the kids smile on their faces when Ebba was there. They called her  by her name, cuddled with her and proudly showed her their drawings. 

They had a bookshelf as their library and music room (just a small part of the room) . Everything so colorful and clean.

After being with the kids for an hour we walked along the road 

to visit 3 orphans who lost their mother 3 years ago. She was killed by their father and now they stay with their grand mother. She doesn’t have a job so she can’t really afford to pay clothes and school for the kids. They were told that the kids was often hungry during the day.

We brought some clothes from Sweden. And it was so special to see the little boy holding my sons favorite t-shirt he gave away before I went on the trip.

The older man that use to support the family is now ill and can’t no longer work. He smiled when my flip flop fit his feet that I brought with me for our give away bag. He put them on at once. But what really touch my heart was how the boys crawled up to next to him. And he was holding them closed to him.

Then we continue to another family, a woman living alone with her children, to give away some clothes.

When you go on these kind of adventures is so important to be a good team. There is so much emotions. And the girls today was just the best. 

Ashley from Canada and Helena from New York. Friends of Ebba from before.

We left the little village with so much love. 

The kids are truly amazing and the teacher magical.

So I go to bed tonight with some knowledge,  touch by the people I met and I got som new friends wonderful friends in the girls I’m here with. I have a strong belief that we all can make a difference if we go together. I’m extremely impressed by the work Ebba has done and her passion for helping the kids, their families and teachers.

It’s wonderful to see help that people around world gives to TFB reaches to the peaple it is donated for.

Tomorrow we will visit another school and hand out school equipment Henrik Lundqvist foundation supported with. 

So thank you the best team. So glad I share this experience with you. You are extremely professional och wonderful people to bee around. 

These people make me smile! I’m so thankful! 
Good night! 

Hugs K

2 reaktioner på ”Together for Better Day 1

  1. Jag kan inte ens uttrycka hur berörd jag blir när jag ser dina bilder, så starka och fina är de.
    Och sorgliga. Du och dina vänner är modiga som vågar se. Som står ut med känslorna. Det är långtifrån alla som gör och ibland tror jag att det är just den oförmågan som gör att vi blundar för dem som har det svårt.
    Jag är inte mycket bättre. Jag skriver om det, men gör inte så mycket mer än skänker pengar när jag kan. Ni är fantastiska!
    Tack för att jag, vi, fick följa er resa!
    Kram Åsa


    • Tack! Det värmer. En resa som berört mig helt klart. Jag vet det går att göra skillnad och samtidigt vet jag hur många som behöver hjälp.
      Blir också tacksam över det liv jag har och omfamnar det än mer

      Tack än en gång för fina ord

      Kram K



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